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Depending on the course you are choosing, you only need to follow a few simple steps and you will be on your way to getting your dog training program started.

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Follow these steps to check fees and sign up on-line.
Sign-up Check List
  1. Choose the right training program that suits your needs.
    If you have any questions about any of the training programs, please e-mail me or call
  2. Fill out the Training Application. Print the application.pdf file and bring it to your first class, or you can fill out the Training Application at your first class, by appointment only.
  3. Find your dog's shot records and bring them to your first class.
  4. Go to our on-line Admissions Center to check class fees. You can pay at your first class.
  5. Read the Basic Orientation Book and prepare your yourself with the right tools to train your dog.
  6. Sign-up for the Training Notes, this is your course plan. Your first lesson is included so you can get started with your training program today. When you know what your goals getting there is much easier.
  7. I will call you or email you to set up your appointment for your first class. You can call me at:
    1(408)733-2829 or email me at:

See you in Class with your dog!!!

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A few supplies is all you need!
Supplies needed for class.

  1. Six Foot Leash (leather, nylon, cotton, or chain) NO retractable leashes.

  2. Training Collar (flat leather, nylon, slip collar, pinch collar, Halti, or Gentle Leader)

  3. Although we do not promote the use treats in class, treats can be helpful for keeping the new students focus at your first class.

  4. A pocket sized toy can also be helpful to complete the lessons with a play session.