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If you buy this from me, my dogs get treat money (not enough for a dog house).

Animal Communication Institute 

Professional Dog Training

Feather PenWe are a vocational training school for those who wish to be a professional dog trainer and a place for professional dog trainers to further their skills. We also offer, by popular demand, training classes for the general public. These classes include private in-home training, group classes for all levels, and a boarding school where we do all the training for you, then transfer the training to you or your family. 

Our goal in our dog training program is off-leash obedience without the use of food in our formal training program. Our format is using the least amount of force necessary to get the job done; we use a praise/correction balance to achieve this goal. If our goal is off-leash control our maximum correction must come in the form of a voice command; after all we have no leash to hold the dog back. Our reward must also come from our voice. We use modern scientific methods to program the proper behavior and mood in the dog. We are after a happy, working pet with an enthusiasm for learning.

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