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If you buy this from me, my dogs get treat money (not enough for a dog house).

Pet Store

The best supplies, already tested and approved.


Dogskool Student Center Store

Your source for unique dog products not found any where else on the internet.

Dogskool Branded Merchandise

We offer Men, Women, Children and Dog Shirts. We also have cups, hats, caps, aprons, bags, stuffed animals, license frames, coasters, clocks and stickers all branded with our logo. Quality products from our Cafe Press store.

Quality Outdoor Dog Houses

These are quality dog houses for your dogs comfort and protection from the elements. Check your county regulations, some counties require you to provide a dog house if your dog spends any time outside.

Wire Muzzles

These are the muzzles I normally recommend when we are working on dog aggression toward people or other dogs or animals. The reason why is because we want the dog to be able to open and close their mouth freely without any restraint. We can also feed treats through the wire cage for reward good behavior. And we need to be able to see the dogs expression with their lips, so we can read early cues and signals. Whole these are not true agitation muzzles, in almost all cases these will serve the main purpose of keeping a safe situation for everyone involved, including the dog. The dog can also drink water with this muzzle and pant in a normal fashion.

Electronic Dog Training Collars

There are only a few situations when I would ever recommend a electronic collar, since I am from the school of thought that we have been training dogs for thousands of years without these tools. And with all the advances in Reinforcement Training, we can solve most any problem without them. But if you feel that you really need the extra help they provide, these have the best features and the highest quality of all the collars I have seen.

Recommended Reading

Whether you are thinking about becoming a professional dog trainer or just looking to solve an issue your dog is having, this is the essential collection of dog books that should be in everyone's library.

Our Amazon aStore

Search and find all the best books and DVD's on dog training, puppy training an dog behavior modification at our Amazon sales page or here on our Dog Traing Books and DVD's.

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