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This is your 14th training lesson.  

Your 8th Lesson in Intermediate Obedience

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Congratulations! Well you made it. Mix up your sessions and have fun. You are now ready for Agility, Fly-Ball, Schutzhund, Water Rescue, or anything you would like to have fun in.

Of course you need to review all prior techniques. Pay extra attention to maintaining focus from your dog by paying attention and making eye contact. This exercise while seemingly trivial is vitally important in the success of all the other skills.

This week, as in the previous weeks, we will continue to review all the skills and seek peak performance from your dog. You must not allow your dog to perform sloppy skills. Demand higher perfection from your dog and make them repeat the skill if it is below standard.

Continue to perform all the skills you have learned up to this point. Create a warm up routine that includes every skill. This routine should take 10-15 minutes to complete.

Skills are developed by repetition. Repeat each skill 4 to 6 times to ensure patterns are being set.

Review the In-Place Turns and get them perfect:


In-Place Right Turn About.

In-Place Right Turn About

With your dog in the heel position, step back with the right leg as you command "Heel".

Pivot with the right leg as you motion the dog's position with your left hand. 

Command the dog to "Sit".


Repeat several  times, making sure that the dog is sitting squarely with you at your side.


Dog after Finish command


In-Place Turn Against Your Dog.

Dog In a Heel Sit Position


In-Place Turn Against Your Dog

With your dog in the heel position, step back with your left foot as you command "Heel".

Pivot with  the right leg as you motion the dog's position with your left hand on your left leg and switch the leash from your right hand to your left hand.

Command the dog to "Sit".


Again, repeat several  times, making sure that the dog is sitting squarely with you at your side.


In-Place Left Turn About...

Dog in a Heel Sit

In-Place Left Turn About

With your dog in the heel position, hold the leash in the left hand.

As you step in front of the dog,  hand signal the dog to stay.

Quickly, give the "Heel" command  while signaling the leg position.

Take two steps forward and  command the dog to "Sit".

Praise your dog.

This should be a tight turn forcing your dog to move out of your way.


Yes, I know, continue working the Off Leash Recall...

Off leash Recall

By now we should be able to call your dog in from a sit stay from a fair amount of distance, without the leash. As your dog is successful keep adding more and more distance between you and your dog. If you dog is unable to complete the off leash recall, put the leash back on and repeat several times. Try again off leash.

  • Place your dog in a sit stay and walk away.
  • Call your dog with the come command.
  • Encourage your dog if necessary to come directly to you. When they get in front of you command a sit with your dog facing you.
  • Finish your dog to the heel position.

Command the dog to "Sit" if needed.


Dog in an off leash recall


Keep working Finish your dog as well.



Keep working the finish skill until your dog flies into this position.

Face the dog and hold the leash in your right hand.

Place your  left hand under his chin.

Motion the dog with your hand to your  left as you take a step back and the dog makes a semicircle and  comes to sit at your left side.


If the dog has problems  with this, assist with gentle tugs of the leash. (To much leash promotes resistance)

Make sure the dog is sitting straight at your side. If not, quickly command the dog  to "Heel", take a few steps forward and command the dog to "Sit". 

Repeat this step until the dog sits straight at your side.

This exercise may still require motivation with treats or a toy to get your dog to put in enough energy to complete the move. This is normal. This exercise requires a lot of effort from your dog, so help them as much as possible until the skill is automatic.


Attentive Heel Sit Position

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Practice these skills several times a day throughout your training course.