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Here is your 6th training lesson.  

Polish Basic Obedience in Dog Training

This lesson is to add polish to the commands your dog has learned. As your dog learns the basics of each skill, the next step is to fine tune the behaviors. For instance, you need to get your dog to sit straight and square with you. Try to get them to avoid the 'lazy down' and 'lazy sit' positions. When they come, get them to sit squarely facing you.

Attention (looking at you) in all the skills is a must for getting these behaviors perfected.

Creating reliable behaviors comes from lots of praise and play for good performances. Remember, using the leash tends to create slow performance and acts to put a damper on your dogs mood.

Skills are developed by repetition. Repeat each skill 4 to 6 times to ensure patterns are being set.


Sit from a heel position.

Lesson 6


As you walk your dog, command your dog to "Sit".

The trainer must stop as he makes this command, allowing the dog a few seconds to  respond before correcting him.

Praise him when he responds  appropriately.


Attentive Heel Sit Position

Come front sit position.



From the "Sit" position, leave your dog and have him hold that  position for 30 seconds to one minute.

Command your dog to "Come" as you step backward for 10 steps.

The dog should sit directly in front of you, facing you.

If he needs correcting, reposition him with gentle tugs.

Or have him heel, take a few steps and have him sit.


Dog in a sit stay

Down your dog...

Dog in Heel Down Position


From the neutral position, command your dog to "Down".

The trainer should stand erect with no body motion, except for the hand signal and voice command "Down".

Praise the dog.

If the dog ignores your  command, correct, then praise.



From the neutral position, command your dog to "Stand".

The  trainer should stand next to the dog and keep the leash short  while holding it in the right hand.

As you make the command, lead off with your left foot and place the left hand with top finger  touching the dog belly close to the hind leg.

The dog will stop  when his hind leg touches your finger.

Praise the dog.

Hold this  position for thirty seconds.

Pivot to the front of the dog, so  that he is facing you.


Dog in Stand Position


Finish your dog.



Face the dog and hold the leash in your right hand.

Place your  left hand under his chin.

Motion the dog with your hand to your  left as you take a step back and the dog makes a semicircle and  comes to sit at your left side.


If the dog has problems  with this, assist with gentle tugs of the leash.

Make sure the dog is sitting straight at your side. If not, quickly command the dog  to "Heel", take a few steps forward and command the dog to "Sit". 

Repeat this step until the dog sits straight at your side.


Attentive Heel Sit Position

Heeling with your dog...

Dog Heeling with Handler


As you walk your dog, you will be working on the position of his  head.

The ideal position is for the animal to make eye contact  with you, his head looking toward your leg.

If he is in the correct position, but his head (attention) is elsewhere, correct with "No" and gentle tugs as necessary.

Be sure to praise when he responds.

Praise exuberantly if he is in the ideal position without coaching. 


Exercise Finish.


Exercise Finish

From the standing position, command your dog to "Come".

Take one  or two steps forward, and command the dog to "Sit" as you motion  upward with your hand.

If the dog does not respond, command the  dog to "Heel" and try again.


Attentive Heel Sit Position

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Practice these skills several times a day throughout your training course.