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How To Teach The Stand Out Of Motion

Stand Out Of Motion
As you are walking, command your dog to "Stand". Step with your left leg and place finger under his belly to hold left leg. Stand beside the dog, then leave your dog. Hold this position for 30 seconds to one minute.

Stand Out of Motion

In this exercise you're heeling with your dog and on command your dog should be able to freeze in a standing position until released. You should be able to preform this while walking or running.

This exercise begins as you are heeing with your dog, the leash is in the right hand. Slow down and stop with your left foot forward and your left hand reaching back to touch your dog's rear flank area, place your right hand in front of your dog's face without touching them, palm facing your dog, and say "Stand" as you touch with your left hand and reach under your dog's belly in front of their right rear leg to prevent them from walking.
When your dog stops walking say "Good" and continue walking by stepping out with your right foot, always watching for any movement on your dog's part to sit or move. Of course you should swiftly reach under your dog's belly and help them back into the stand position.