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Dog Health Care

Your dogs health is the main concern for a happy long life.

Canine First Aid
No matter how carefully you supervise your puppy or dog, accidents can happen. It is important to keep calm, act quickly, and safely transport your injured dog to the veterinarian as soon as possible

Canine Diseases
Newborn puppies are not naturally immune to diseases. Puppies have some antibody protection, which is derived from the mother’s blood via the placenta.

Barbed seeds that can seriously injury your pet.

Feeding, Water, Table Manners
Since your dog is living under your care, it is your responsibility to feed him a proper diet.

The Importance of Exercising Your Dog
Dr. Dennis Fetko, nationally known dog behaviorist and trainer states, "Dogs need exercise like they need air, food and water."

How To Give Medications
If your veterinarian prescribes pills or liquid medication, give it to your puppy or dog directly, rather than try to mix it in with his food (unless otherwise directed by the doctor).

How To Choose A Vet
When choosing a vet, try to find someone who is sociable with both you and your dog.

When To Call A Vet
Learn to recognize the signs of illness and what is normal and abnormal for your dog.

Hot Weather Tips
When the weather forecast calls for hot and humid days with temperatures in the 80’s, 90’s or higher, it means it will be uncomfortable not only for people, but also for their pets.

Pet Poison Prevention
There are so many things that can harm our dog or cat, and could even be life threatening.

Pet Poison Prevention Chart
Following is a list of common plants and household items that are know to have toxic or adverse effects to dogs and other animals.

Parasites are organisms that derive nourishment by feeding on or within another animal.

Canine Physical Care
One simple but very important way to care for your puppy or dog is to watch for changes in his appearance or behavior that may indicate that he is sick.

How To Identify Symptons Of Illness
Always observe your dog with a watchful eye, looking for anything that deviates from what is normal for your dog.

The Importance of Spaying and Neutering
Unless you have a purebred for breeding purposes, spaying or neutering is recommended.

Why Does My Dog Eat Feces?
Dogs will sometimes eat their own feces. Others are attracted to feces from other animals, such as cats, horses and deer.

What's Your Dogs Age?
Veterinarians have now come up with a much more realistic comparison between dog and human years.

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?
There are several explanations that have been made for this behavior.

Toys And toy Safety
Safe toys are an important part of your pet’s equipment list. They can help your puppy or dog exercise and provide a safe way to satisfy your dog’s need to chew.