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How To Pick Up An Object

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How To Teach Releasing An Object

Once your dog is picking up and holding objects in their mouth, you are ready for the release. You must teach picking up an object before you can teach releasing an object.

Two Toy Game

The best way to introduce new skills is in play. The Two Toy Game is designed teach do several things. The "Go", the "Take It", the "Bring" and the "Drop It" commands. For this exercise you need two toys of equal value. Generally two identical toys are best.

Repeat untill he is running back and forth exchanging each toy in the process. As your dog is performing each skill you can start to get the word association involved. While your dog is perform the act, call the command name and say good when it is completed. For instance while your dog is droping the toy say "Drop It", once complete say "Good". you can do this for any of the four commands as well.