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No Time For Training? Think Again...


Ideally, you can practice your obedience training with your dog throughout every day. If you are washing dishes, put your dog in a down/stay on the kitchen floor. When doing laundry, put him in a sit/stay while you load the machines.

The important thing to remember is what behavior you have given him and for how long. If it's a five minute down/stay, check the time on your watch. Don't forget the command he's supposed to be doing or he may wander away when your back is turned.

If he breaks the command, calmly take him back to the original spot and again give the command he was supposed to maintain. When the allotted time is up, release him with your regular release command ("okay", etc.) and give him lots of praise.

In the beginning your chores may take twice as long, but it's an easy way to slip in a few minutes of obedience training when you don't have a lot of time to practice.