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How To Teach Targeting

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How To Teach The Finish Exercise

In this exercise, the dog moves from a Sit position in front of your, to a Sit position in the heel position on your left side. Have a toy or a food treat in your left hand and hold it in front of your dog’s muzzle. Give the “Heel” command and swing your arm out and back to your left hip, baiting the dog with the object in your hand. He should sit automatically when he is in the Heel position. If he doesn’t, tell him to “Sit” to finish the exercise.

Without a leash
Stand facing the dog. While holding a treat, place your left hand by the dog’s nose and make an outward then backward then circular motion and bring your hand forward and up your left side. The dog should follow and come to sit at your side. Praise him with “good dog” and give him a treat. When you are ready to relax, tell the dog “play, play”, then he will know it’s okay to release his position.

With a leash
Attach a leash to the dog’s collar. Stand facing the dog. Hold the leash loosely in both hands, along with the treat. Place the treat on top of the leash so that the dog can see/smell it. The dog should follow your backward motion as described in A. above. You should NEVER TUG at the leash, but simply provide guidance.