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How To Teach The Down Out Of Play

In this exercise you playing with your dog and command them to down on the spot. No Matter what your dog is doing they should down immediately.

Down out of Play

The Down Out of Play is similar to the Down On a Recall in that your dog is running to you when you give the down command. Practice on a six foot leash until your dog is reliable, then move to the 30' line.

  1. The exercise starts with your dog either sitting or down in the heel position.
  2. Call your dogs name softly to get them to look into your eyes, when you have their attention, say "Good" and then say "Play!".
  3. Run forward with your dog for about 10-15 steps, then stop and call your dogs name and say "Come!" and run backwards praising your dog for 10-15 steps.
  4. Again say "Play!" and run in your original direction causing your dog to turn and run with you again for 10-15 steps.
  5. Then once again stop running and call your dogs name and say "Come!" and run backwards for about 5-7 steps. As your run backward shorten the leash until you are holding it about an arms length from your dogs collar in the left hand.
  6. Stop running with your left leg forward as if frozen in the middle of a step. With your right held above your shoulder say "Down!" and bring your right hand to your dogs collar on the leash. Your hand should contact their right shoulder while holding the leash apply downward pressure toward your left foot causing your dog to stop running and rock back into the down position on their elbows.
  7. Once your dog is down, say "Stay!" and give the stay signal with your right hand, as you step back to the end of the leash, then say "Good, Down".
  8. Return to your dog a few moments later and repeat several times.


Down Out Of Play
From the sit/stay position, release the dog by giving the command "Play". Run back and forth with him. On the second turn, run ahead of him, command "Down" with your right hand, while holding the leash in your left hand. Make sure that you are only 18-24 inches away. To correct, snap leash with the left hand and place your right hand on the choke chain as you gently push down and toward the dog. Command "Stay" and quickly walk out to the end of the leash.