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How To Teach The Down Out Of Motion

In this exercise you are heeling with your dog and command them to down as you move away from them.

Down Out of Motion

The goal in this exercise is to be able to, while walking or running with your dog in the heel position, give the down command and your dog, the instant they hear the command to freeze in the down position, placing their elbows down first, then their rear.

This exercise begins with you heeling with your dog. Slow down and prepare to use the leash in a downward, backward direction. Hold the lesh short in the right hand and prepare to slide your left hand down the leash to your dog's collar, resting the heel of your hand on your dog's shoulder. When you see your dog attentively heeling with you, stop with your left leg forward and your right leg back, as if to freeze your motion. As you stop in this stance, command your dog to "Down", and slide your left hand down the leash to your dog's shoulder and stop their forward motion. If after a moment your dog hasn't down, tug in an down, backward direction and say "No, Down". You may need to guide your dog into a straight down position with your left hand. Be prepared to help you dog sit straight and fast for you.

The moment your dog downs, say "Stay" and give your stay signal with your right hand. Continue your movement by stepping out with your right leg, as if to unfreeze your motion and step out to the end of the leash.

If at anytime your dog gets up or moves, you should very quickly, slide your left hand down the leash as you tug downwards, with your left hand and say "No, Down, Stay".


Down Out Of Motion
From the neutral position command your dog to "Heel". Take a few steps, switch the leash to the left hand, place the right foot in front of the dog, command the dog down moving the right hand down, and place the treat between the two front paws. To correct, tug the leash toward you, say "No", then praise and pet.