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How To Teach The Come Command

The "come"command should be introduced as early as possible, and can be started as early as seven weeks. This should be the first spoken command your dog learns, and should always be followed with praise.

Never call the dog to you to reprimand him. If the dog needs a correction, go to him.

A dog should always feel that coming to you is a good thing.

Leash training:

  1. Start with your dog sitting a few feet away from you with his leash on.
  2. Call him in a happy voice, using his name and the “Come” command.
  3. Tug him gently.
  4. Welcome him by bending down on one knee with your arms out.
  5. When he reaches you, he may be so excited that he jumps on you or rolls on the ground.
  6. Since he responded correctly to the command, do not correct for these other behaviors. Initially let him be overly enthusiastic, and then gradually encourage him to sit when he comes to you.