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How To Teach Recall Out Of Play

Recall Out Of Play

The "Recall Out Of Play" is the exercise we all think of when we want our dogs or puppy to come when called. Remember our dogs have two modes of operation; in the control state or obedience mode and the play state. The play state is anytime that we haven't asked our dogs to be in control. The play state is pretty much most of the time. Your dog probably enjoys the play state more often than the control state. To get your dog to come out of the play state, we must practice when they are in the play state. Your dogs emotional state is also attached to the command. So the more excited your dog is when you practice this exercise, the better the performance when you need it.

The Recall Out of Play is similar to the Down On a Play in that your dog is running to you when you give the "come" command and finish the exercise with a formal recall position.

Practice on a six foot leash until your dog is reliable, then
move to the 30' line.

  1. The exercise starts with your dog either sitting or down in the heel position.
  2. Call your dogs name softly to get them to look into your eyes, when you have their attention, say "Good" and then say "Play!".
  3. Run forward with your dog for about 10-15 steps, then stop and call your dogs name and say "Come!" and run backwards praising your dog for 10-15 steps.
  4. Again say "Play!" and run in your original direction causing your dog to turn and run with you again for 10-15 steps.
  5. Then once again stop running and call your dogs name and say "Come!" and run backwards for about 5-7 steps. As your run backward shorten the leash until you are holding it about an arms length from your dogs collar in the right hand.
  6. Say "Sit!" and stop running with your both legs together leaning forward over your dog. If your dog needs help sitting straight use your left hand to help position your dog so the end up facing your squarely.
  7. Once your dog is sitting, say "Good. and then return to your dog by walking around the right side behind them.

After you return to your dog, repeat several times.

Alternate Method
In this exercise, you practice "come" anytime your dog is in an excited state. Of course in the begining you dog must be on leash for this exercise to become reliable. A good way to practice this exercise is during a play date with your dogs friends practicing this as well.

This is called the "Group Recall".

All dogs on leash during play.On que:

  1. Untangle the leashes.
  2. Check behind you (check for obsticles and rough terrain).
  3. And call your dogs name followed by the "come" command.
  4. Run backwards, giving your dog a "boost" with the leash to create momentum towrd you. As you keep moving backwards your dog should begin to turn and run towards you. As they do, shorten the leash and guide them to your center and reward them.
  5. Take a moment to practice a "sit" and an attention exercise, then release your dogs back to center for more play.