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If you buy this from me, my dogs get treat money (not enough for a dog house).


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We will read and view the various books and videos and give you the information to make the best choice in your next purchase.

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We have put together a page that gives you quick access to relevant dog training videos.

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Whether you are thinking about becoming a professional dog trainer or just looking to solve an issue your dog is having, this is the essential collection of dog books that should be in everyone's library.

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Search and find all the best books and DVD's on dog training, puppy training an dog behavior modification at our Amazon sales page or here on our Dog Traing Books and DVD's.

Great Dog Training Videos

Leerburg has some of the best dog training videos out there. They have been around for years and the quality of the information presented is outstanding.

DVD - Your Puppy 8 Weeks to 8 Months


DVD - Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Pet


DVD - Basic Dog Obedience


book - Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats


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