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How To Teach Off Leash Recalls

When asked what is your goal in your dog training program, the number one goal is having their dog come when called. We call this the off leash recall.

Off Leash Recalls
The first step to teaching off leash recalls is to have strong on leash skills. I also use a 30 foot leash in the begriming of teaching off leash skills. The long leash is used by allowing it to drag on the ground. It is used as a safety measure and to assist in long distance control. It does take some time for your dog to get used to dragging the long leash behind him so the earlier you introduce the ling line the better. During this introduction the long leash drags and the 6 foot leash is used to train with.

Holding the 6 foot leash heel out on a straight line. Perform a right turn about and sit your dog. (The long leash should be out in front of you and your dog.) Leave your dog with the stay command and walk out 10 -15 feet and turn and face your dog. (You should now have the long leash under your feet). Call your dog with the come command and run backward. Your dog should start the recall. When your dog gets a few feet in front of you call for the sit command. If your dog doesn't move or tries to run away, reach down and use the long leash to get control and finish the recall with a sit in front of you.