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Dog Training Supplies

Raising a happy healthy dog requires a few supplies, but there is no need to get carried away. The basic dog training supplies include a leash, a collar, a handful of treats and a couple of toys.

The Most Important Dog Training Supplies

Dog Training Leashes
You will need several leashes in order to get full control over your dog. The leashes come in a variety of lengths and each has it own purpose as a toll for training.

Dog Training Collars
The training collar is the next important tool required for training. Training collars come in a variety of tools as well. Each has one purpose in mind, to help the handler communicate to the dog inappropriate behaviors. The type of collar needed is based on handler experience.

Electronic Dog Training Collars
There are only a few situations when I would ever recommend a electronic collar, since I am from the school of thought that we have been training dogs for thousands of years without these tools. And with all the advances in Reinforcement Training, we can solve most any problem without them. But if you feel that you really need the extra help they provide, these have the best features and the highest quality of all the collars I have seen.

Tasty Dog Training Treats
While our goal is to not have to carry treats around with us all the time, treats are an important tools in helping to teach new skills and establish patterns of behavior. The type of treat use is based on the preference of your dog, but in general soft treats are the best since dry crunchy treats take longer to chew and swallow.

Dog Training Toys
Toys are also very important in your training program. Lessons should always end with play sessions and in fact those play sessions should involve training skills as well. Your dog should get excited about toys for them to work well in your lessons, so find your dogs favorite toys and save them for your lessons.

Dog Training Props
Training props are other tools that can be helpful, but are not necessarily required. They can assist in specialized skills or trick training. These include crates, tie downs, target sticks, clickers and other training equipment.

Dog Training Muzzles
While most dogs will not require the use of a muzzle, these are use for assisting in training with aggressive dogs. Safety is the most important factor during your dog training sessions. The safer you feel, the most confidence your will display. Helping to make you a strong leader.

Dog Training Harness
These are tools that will help with pulling behaviors. The harness tends to distribute the force of the leash pulling over a wide area of your dogs body, making it easier for the dog to pull harder. Pulling behaviors include sled pulling, carting, tracking and aggression training. The dog harness has also been adapted to be used as a seat belt while riding in the car.