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Dog Training Tips

Are you looking for useful dog training tips? Our dog training tips will range from helpful information to nice little short cuts. Helpful hints to provide you with insight about your dogs behavior and useful tips to make living with your dog a pleasure.

Obedience Review
It is always good to review your obedience skills. It helps keep your dog responding well to your commands.

Basics Of Dog Training
Before you begin training your dog, it is absolutely essential that you build a loving bond with him.

Dogs That Lean
Does your dog lean against people while they are being petted?

Loud noises can send some dogs into a extremely fearful state, but it doesn't have to be so.

What Is The Hip Nudge All About?
A hip nudge is the behavior shown when a dog nudges another with its hip or rear end.

Hot Weather Tips
When the weather forecast calls for hot and humid days with temperatures in the 80’s, 90’s or higher, it means it will be uncomfortable not only for people, but also for their pets.

What is Champing All About?
Champing is a noisy chewing motion, despite there being nothing to chew

Rolling in Foul-Smelling Things
It is thought that dogs may choose to roll in foul-smelling things in order to mask their scent, just as wolves do.

Muzzle Nudge
What is a muzzle nudge and what does it mean?

Scent Signals
When you take your dog for a walk around the neighborhood, he will sniff at certain points to check the amount of traffic in his territory.

Why Do Dogs Bury Bones?
Wild relatives of the dog often bury their food.

No Time For Training? Think Again...
Ideally, you can practice your obedience training with your dog throughout every day.

Car Safety And Travel Tips
Conditioning your dog to ride comfortably in a car is a necessity, even if you will not be taking him for rides very often.

Canine Personality Quiz
Personality can play a lager roll than intelligence, and many trainers believe that you can get a sense of how to best train your dog if you first understand the dog’s unique personality.

Canine Body Language Chart
Following are some common behaviors and what they look like.

Dog To Human Communication
What is your dog trying to say to you?

Pet Poison Prevention
There are so many things that can harm our dog or cat, and could even be life threatening.

Pet Poison Prevention Chart
Following is a list of common plants and household items that are know to have toxic or adverse effects to dogs and other animals.

How To Recognize Calming Signals
Animal behaviorists believe dogs communicate calming signals to each other, which are meant to relax potential aggressors as well as calm themselves.

Puppy Temperment Test
If you are considering adopting or buying a puppy in the near future, here is some information about canine temperment you might find useful before you bring that puppy home. 

Preventing Dogs From Biting Children
Dogs can make great pets. They are often thought of as part of the family. But dogs also bite and these bites cause serious injury and even death.

Anti-Bite Training
Dogs bite for many reasons, including teething, fear, playfulness, and illness. Nipping and mouthing begins when dogs are puppies, and it is often tolerated because it is seen as cute.

Play Training
Play training can be a very benificial acpect in the course of your training program. It makes training fun for you and your dog. It adds interest and helps keep your dog engaged with you.

What's Your Dogs Age?
Veterinarians have now come up with a much more realistic comparison between dog and human years.

Why Does My Dog Eat Feces?
Dogs will sometimes eat their own feces. Others are attracted to feces from other animals, such as cats, horses and deer.