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Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Why does my dog eat grass?

There are several explanations that have been made for this behavior.  One, wild canids (wolves and fox) eat all of an animal when they catch it.  Since they eat many plant-eating animals, they end up eating a lot of grass and plants that were in the intestines of these animals.  In addition, they have been known to eat certain berries and other plant material.  Dogs then, might eat grass because it’s a normal part of their diet.

Many times dogs will vomit after eating grass.  Did they eat grass to make themselves vomit, or did they vomit because they ate grass?  It’s a mystery, but it seems that some dogs may eat vegetation when they have an upset stomach.

The third reason dogs eat grass is they like it.  Some dogs will search out a certain type of grass or plant material and eat it.

In any case, eating grass is basically a normal behavior and should not b e a cause for concern unless your dog eats it excessively.