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Toys and Toy Safety

Safe toys are an important part of your pet’s equipment list. They can help your puppy or dog exercise and provide a safe way to satisfy your dog’s need to chew. They can also be a big help with your motivational training. Be sure to choose toys that cannot be torn apart, splintered or swallowed. As a general rule, if your puppy or dog can fit the whole toy in his mouth, the toy is too small and could be unsafe. Large rawhide chips, nylon chews and hard rubber balls are fun and usually safe. Be careful of sponge toys or items with squeakers, whistles or other attached parts that can be torn off and swallowed. Also avoid anything with hard, sharp points that can break off.

Do not give your puppy or dog shoes or other articles of clothing to play with. Your dog will not be able to distinguish between the shoes and clothing that he is allowed to chew and those that are off limits. Also, clothing can be chewed and swallowed, leading to obstructions in the digestive tract.

Keep your puppy or dog away from children’s toys made of soft rubber, fur, wool, sponge or polyurethane. If your dog swallows a small particle of any of these materials, it could cause problems with his digestive tract. Keep all plastic bags away from your puppy or dog. He could be trapped inside and suffocate or he might chew and swallow bits of plastic which could be very harmful.