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Learn How To Relax Your Puppy By Social Handling

This exercise is one of the most important, and should start on the first day you bring your puppy or dog home and continue throughout the dog’s life. You need to be able to touch every part of your dog’s body so you can take care of him. It is a good bonding experience and teaches him to trust your hands. Sit on the floor and lay your puppy or dog in your lap, or at your side for larger dogs. By positioning yourself above the puppy or dog as it is lying still, you are putting yourself in the dominant position, which will help maintain (or establish) your dominant position in the family. Run your hands over its body, starting with his head, touching and examining the ears, and running your hands over the eyelids. Open the dog’s mouth and examine the teeth and gums, rubbing your finger along the dog’s gum line. Give him a massage as you run your hands down its neck to the shoulders, down the legs, touching the paws, toenails and the area between the pads. Continue in this manner until you have touched every inch of his body. If you prefer, the dog can be in the stand position while you examine him.

This should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for the dog, but mostly you want the dog to become comfortable with being touched. If your dog is hurt or sick, it will make it easier for the veterinarian to examine him if he is accustomed to being touched. The same thing applies if he needs to be groomed; it will be a lot easier on you or the groomer when you clip his nails or clean his ears if he is relaxed about it.