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How To Teach Sit From The Front Position

Sit from Front

In this exercise you should to be able to sit your dog from the front position.

Facing your dog in the Down/Stay position, holding the leash in your left hand, with your arms by your side. Hold the leash in such a way that it is loose and can be tight with about 4 inches of movement.

Give the Sit signal, (right hand moving up, at your center about shoulder height, palm facing your body), and give the command "Sit".

Wait a moment, (about 1/4 to 1/2 second), If your dog complies say "Good". If your dog doesn't move, say "No" and with your left hand, snap your wrist back to give your dog a light, sharp tug. Step towards your dog and when your are close, bring your right hand down to motion your dog to the ground, as with your targeting skills. Be sure to tug and move torward your dog in a way that your dog doesn't move toward you.

Of course if your dog breaks the stay in anyway, you should correct your dog back into the Sit/Stay position and continue the exercise.

Sit From The Front Position
Stand in front of the dog. While the dog is in the down position, hold the treat in your right hand and lift as you command the dog to "Sit". If he fails to respond, tug upward while holding the leash in the left hand. Give the command "No", step forward and move the right hand upward, and again give the command "Sit". Pet and praise when he responds. - OR - From the down position, step in front of the dog. As you lift your right hand, command the dog to "Sit". Step forward and let the dog see the treat. Step back with the treat in your hand so that the dog follows it, then bring your hands up and command the dog to "Sit". To correct, with the leash in the left hand, tug toward you as you give verbal and hand signal to "Sit". Praise and pet when he responds.