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Problem Solving For Roaming and Jumping Fences

An important part of pet ownership is teaching your puppy or dog proper pet manners and how to be a good neighbor. It is your responsibility to have control over your dog and to correct bad behavior. Your pet should never be left outside unattended and you should always obey leash laws. Obedience training is an important factor in this process. Knowing a simple command, such as to come when called, could save your pet’s life. Some corrections should begin when your dog is a puppy, even before he is leash trained, while other corrections require a leash and collar. Remember, your puppy or dog is like a small child. He might misbehave due to curiosity or boredom, not because he knows what he’s doing is unacceptable. Remember, with any unacceptable canine behavior, prevention is easier than treatment.

To correct common behavior problems, follow these basic steps:

Male, intact dogs are more inclined to roam, especially if they catch the scent of a female dog in season. Dogs jump fences: to chase kids, joggers, other animals, etc.; if they are uneasy or nervous; to escape from loud noises (fireworks) that frightened them. Traditional fencing usually does a good job of containing dogs, but dogs may be able to climb over or dig under the fence. If you don’t have a fenced yard, you can have an “invisible” electronic fence installed. With this type of fencing, an electric wire is buried in the ground along the boundaries of your yard. The wire transmits a radio signal to a received, which is attached to your dog’s collar, which beeps as he nears the boundary. If your dog gets too close to the boundary, he receives a mild shock. Another alternative is to find an obedience trainer who can help you teach your dog his boundaries and where he is allowed to go and where he’s not. This can involve a lot of work, but once a dog knows his boundaries, he’ll usually stick to them. Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise to prevent boredom and restlessness; at least 20 to 30 minutes twice a day.