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How To Teach The Exercise Finish

During dog shows if our dog sits when they are supposed to be in the stand position, we are done. So we never want this to happen, therefore in order to prevent this situation we always sit from forward movement.

Exercise Finish

While standing in the heel position with your dog in the standing position. From the standing position, command your dog to "Heel". Take one or two steps forward, and command the dog to "Sit" as you motion upward with your hand. If the dog does not respond, command the dog to "Heel" and try again.

While moving in a forward direction with your dog in the heel position, on a loose leash, as you place your left foot forward say "Sit", then slow down in the right step, then bring the left foot up to the right. As you bring the left up to the right, you can help your dog sit by reaching across your body with your right hand close to your dogs collar and using your left hand to block your dog from sitting crooked.

Your dog should sit facing forward in your direction of travel. Of course, as your dog rear hits the ground, say "Good", stand up straight and place the leash in the left hand and with your right hand pet your dogs' chest. This encourages your dog to sit up straight. If your dog stands up or attempt to lay down, say "No" gently tug the leash and help your dog back to the sit position.

Again there are many ways to use your feet, but common to them all is that your dog should hear the command while on a loose leash and you assist your dog a moment after you give the command.