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Problem Solving For Begging

A door is what a dog is perpetually on the wrong side of.
- Ogden Nash

An important part of pet ownership is teaching your puppy or dog proper tables manners. It is your responsibility to have control over your dog and to correct bad behavior. Some behaviors seem cute when the dogs are young, but become very annoying when the dogs become adults. Obedience training is an important factor in this process. Knowing a simple command, such as down and stay can save you from the irritating act of begging for food. Remember, your puppy or dog is like a small child. He might misbehave due to curiosity or boredom, not because he knows what he’s doing is unacceptable. Remember, with any unacceptable canine behavior, prevention is easier than treatment.

To correct common behavior problems like begging, follow these basic steps:

Begging at the table is a common problem and dogs beg because they receive reinforcement for doing so. Just feeding your dog from the table once or twice will teach the dog to expect it. Training should begin at an early age, or in the case of an older dog, as soon as you bring him/her into your home. If your dog appears at the table while you are eating and begs, scold him with a firm “No.” You may need to confine him to his crate, or teach him to do a down/stay near the table or to stay in his bed while you are eating. When you’re done, say “Okay” and release the dog.