Your Dog Training Questions Answered

by dogskool on November 17, 2009

Finding solutions to your dog training questions is easier when you know what your are looking for.

Imagine your dog in the situation you are curious about. Feel what your dog may be feeling while engaged in this activity and see your dog making the behavioral decision you want them to make.

This is the starting point for finding a solution. Remember your dog is not doing anything “bad” in their minds, they are simply acting on their impulses. What is the motivation driving these impulses?

“Imagine your dog in the situation, now think about what it is you want your dog to do.”

Always remember to think about what you want from your dog or what you want your dog to do instead of what they are doing.

It is our job to influence them to make the decision we want them to make. Often times finding an incompatible behavior is the starting point for a solution.

Dog training is easy if you know what you want. Your goal must always be in mind as you search for the solution.

This site has a huge amount of dog training solutions, so it is recommended to use the search function for the fastest results.

This is important so it is worth repeating, often times choosing an incompatible behavior is the easiest way to get your dog on the right path.

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