Who Else Needs Summer School?

by dogskool on June 23, 2009

With summer upon us and the kids out of school, we are spending allot more time at home. The more time you spend at  home with your dogs, the more you realize that they are in need of training.

There are many reasons to get your dogs back in school. Maybe you are expecting guests this summer and you would like your dogs to be more polite. Maybe your neighbors are complaining about the excess noise from your dogs when you are out running errands. Maybe you are planning a vacation and you want your dog to behave for the pet sitter.  Maybe you are just tired of having to clean up that mess, again.

Whatever your reasons, dog training classes will provide your dog an outlet for their social needs, while spending quality time with you. And in the process you will be working on improving their attitudes around the house. There are not many problems that can not be solved with on-going dog training classes.

I am always ready for something to do.

I am always ready for something to do, even if it's going back to school.

Remember, you are the main influence on your dogs behavior. Ignoring the problem will never bring the solution you are looking for. Your participation is the only way to reach your dogs behavioral goal. And make no mistake, five minutes a day can bring new attitudes over the course of a few weeks.

And training does not always have to follow a structured routine, you can train your dog while doing laundry or the dishes. You can train your dog during dinner time. Down-Stays are great exercises to work with while you are busy with your chores. Remember the exercise you put your dog in and remember to release your dog when you are done. A short play session can reward them for waiting patiently for you.

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